15 Years!


2017 Winners

Congratulations to our 2017 winning teams!

247 students on 58 teams from 30 schools competing

High School

Best in Show Team Team Team Team Wilson High School, Portland, OR
Peoples’ Choice Placeholder Snakes Hillsboro High School, Hillsboro, OR
Judges’ Choice Project Ataahk Wilson High School, Portland, OR
Rookie OGwPC Tillamook High School, Tillamook, OR
Programming Migos Wilson High School, Portland, OR
Game Design Clockwork Games Roosevelt High School, Portland, OR
Art and Assets Catournauts Redmond Proficiency Academy, Redmond, OR
Theme and Style Team Blitzkrieg Sunset High School, Beaverton, OR
Professionalism Apathetic Companion Tigard High School, Tigard, OR

Middle School

Best in Show Stardust Studios St. Pius X, Portland, OR
Peoples’ Choice No Monkey Business St. Pius X, Portland, OR
Judges’ Choice Emoji Squad St. Pius X, Portland, OR
Rookie Team Decay Mohawk Jr/Sr High School, Marcola, OR
Programming Irrational Overflow Duniway Middle School, McMinnville, OR
Game Design No Monkey Business St. Pius X, Portland, OR
Art and Assets Cyber Cougars 2.0 Cascade Senior High School, Turner, OR
Theme and Style Code Breakers The Dalles Middle School, The Dalles, OR
Professionalism Team Beyond St. Pius X, Portland, OR

2016 Winners

Congratulations to our 2016 Oregon Game Project Challenge winners!  We look forward to seeing all of you next year!


Best in Show:

St. Pius X – Venturous Key – Space Battles

People’s Choice:

St. Pius X – Venturous Key – Space Battles

Judge’s Choice:

Cascade Junior High School – Cyber Cougars – SuperCell


4H Tualatin – Sumoians – Terrabismo


St. Pius X – Blitzkrieg Game Studios – The Blackout

Game Design:

Sisters Middle School – Dead Programmers’ Society – World Traveler

Art and Assets:

Cedar Park Middle School – Veeran Studios

Theme and Style:

Cascades Academy – The Virus –  The Five Stages


Cascades Academy – hyp3 – hyp3


Best in Show:

Tualatin High School – Crimsonites – Brainstorm

People’s Choice:

Crescent Valley High School – Genetic Drift – Empyrean

Judge’s Choice:

Century High School – JaggPad – Terradox


Roosevelt High School – Dreams – Dreams


Jesuit High School – Agents of the BSOD – Snow Sight

Game Design:

Tigard High School – Apathetic Companion – Culminations of Despair

Art and Assets:

Crescent Valley High School – Genetic Drift – Empyrean

Theme and Style:

Franklin High School – Unexpected Error -Regenerating Dongeon


Tigard High School – Bumbler Interactive – In the Mirror

Registration and TMS update

Slots are filling up quickly!  This seems to be the fastest registration session yet!  Thank you to everyone who has registered already, and make sure to get registered if you haven’t.


Have I mentioned TMS yet?  I think I might have!  Even some of the teams registered in EventBrite aren’t in TMS yet.  If you need your school added or have any questions or problems, please let me know as soon as possible.  Remember that a team member and team must be registered in TMS to be eligible for the Xbox One drawing.

If you’ve decided to rename your team or entry, let me know first.  Now that I’ve started marking teams as paid in TMS, I don’t want anyone to be marked incorrectly.


Remember that you should come with plans for how to turn your table into an amazing booth to show off your team and your entry.  Bring a banner, posters, signs, giveaways, and of course: a laptop to demonstrate to everyone!  Teams will be expected to have their games ready to play throughout the day, so don’t expect to get work done on the demo laptop.

Come, come, come!

As always, OGPC is completely free to attend and open to the public.  Invite your friends, teachers, and family to see your entry and check out the other fun games and awards.

Freshness is important. If a game is fresh, new, intriguing, challenging, and enchanting, it will sell, and sell well.

-Roberta Williams (creator of King’s Quest and many other game)

Registration and event info

We’re down to the final month! Hopefully your games are playable and you are just working on final polish now. Replace any placeholder art, add your main menu, about screen, credits, and any other details. Plan your box art, your game logo and descriptions, and add them to your TMS entry.

Think of how your booth/table will look. Plan for posters, figures, pamphlets, banners, and anything else to make your booth look great! You should plan on a digital picture frame to show a slideshow of stills, or enlargements of your game art. Make sure that you have a laptop to show off the game even if you need to continue working on something else. Your game should always be ready to play!

Remember that this year teams that register after the deadline of April 13th cannot be guaranteed a spot in the judging. Unlike other years, we have a hard limit on tables. If you wait until the last minute, you might end up in our exhibition area outside of the competition. Register as soon as you are able!

Finally, our friends at Mythos Youth Council are holding a free event on April 2nd with a number of STEAM activities to participate in:

Make+Think+Code Mythos Challenge Jam


This year we’re giving teams a chance to show off their games to the world! Indie from Twitch.tv will be at the event livestreaming interviews with teams and showing off gameplay. This is strictly opt-in, so if you don’t feel ready, don’t worry about it! If this sounds like fun though, come prepared to talk about what you’ve done and show off a bit!

2016 Achievements

2016 Achievements are available! As always, entries to OGPC are scored in 5 categories:

  • Programming
  • Game Design
  • Art and Assets
  • Theme and Style
  • Professionalism

Each category consists of achievements, which reward points for that category. Some achievements provide multiple ways to earn the same points, or have multiple levels of difficulty. Note that each achievement can only be earned once (each achievement has a name).

Each category also has Challenges, more difficult achievements that grant points in a unique way: the first Challenge you complete in each category is worth 4 points, the second is worth 3 points, then 2, then 1, and then 1. This means that it’s worthwhile to do a few Challenges in each category, but less valuable to focus on doing all of them.

Find the full 2016 Scoring Guide here!

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us on social media or here. Good luck!

Main event details

Who wants an Xbox One? Keep reading!


OGPC is better than ever this year! Read on for details…

No more pods!
Instead of pods in classrooms, this year we’re going to an open layout. All teams will set up a booth similar to what you would see at conferences and science fairs. You’ll get a table and one outlet (be sure to bring a power strip!). Bring a tablecloth or other covering, posters, banners, brochures, or giveaways to make your table unique and awesome. Bring a laptop/desktop to show off your game and get ready to share what you’ve made! All teams will be in the same area so you’ll be able to take turns looking around and voting for the Peoples’ Choice award.

Booth example

Presentations throughout the day
Instead of speakers coming to the classrooms, this year we’ll have a room for presentations. Each hour will have a different speaker with a different topic. Come to the ones that sound the most interesting and be sure to bring your questions! Get ready to hear from people in the gaming and creative industry to learn how things work.

TMS (Team Management System)
Make sure you have your entry and all of your team members registered. You can keep your entry private while you’re working (until the event) if you’d like! Attending team members that are registered in TMS will be entered in a drawing for a shiny new Xbox One this year! For maximum achievement points, make sure that your team and game logos, your game team group photo, and your game gallery all have photos uploaded. Sign up here.

Prize Drawings
In addition to the Xbox One, we’ll be holding drawings for some games and other hardware courtesy of Microsoft and TEALS K-12. Only attendees can win, so make sure you and your team are there!

We’re trying a new resource for the main event this year – EventBoard. This is a web/mobile event management app that lets you stay up to date and plan your day. See the schedule, speaking sessions, information about our speakers, and anything else you need to be ready for the big day. Download the app for Android, iOS, or Windows here!

I love studying folklore and legends. The stories that people passed down for a thousand years without any sort of marketing support are obviously saying something appealing about the basic human condition. – Tim Schafer (Full Throttle, Psychonauts)

Mythos Challenge

The Mythos Council invites team submissions for the Museum Play Challenge. Entries are due by May 15th and should be submitted to the Challenge.

Any OGPC team who feels that their game also matches the criteria for the Mythos Challenge should strongly consider submitting!

Teams must register before submissions are accepted. You will find both Registration and Submission forms on the page link. File uploads are limited to 50MB. Contact Jeffrey Sens jsens(at)GameEducationPDX.com if your file size is larger to arrange for delivery by Drive, DropBox, or other file service.

Read or sign up for the Mythos Challenge newsletter

OGPC 8.0 Awards

Congratulations to all of the winners of OGPC 8.0!

Middle School Awards

Best in Show
Awarded for overall excellence and total score in all categories
Three Amigos
International School of Beaverton

Judge’s Choice
Awarded by the Judge Council for outstanding gameplay and mastery of the OGPC mission
Cascades Academy Gamers 1
Cascades Academy

Awarded for technical excellence in code and other control systems
Sneaky Baboons
Stoller MS

Game Design
Awarded for excellence in game design process and creativity
Wildcat Game Designs
Saint Pius X MS

Art and Assets
Awarded for excellence in graphics, audio, and other media content
Valley Catholic MS

Theme and Style
Awarded for excellent use of theme and narrative crafting
Marsupial Odyssey
Cedar Park MS

Awarded for excellence in presentation, teamwork, and outreach
Cascades Academy Gamers 2
Cascades Academy

High School Division

Best in Show
Awarded for overall excellence and total score in all categories
Team Henry
Wilson High School

Judges’ Choice
Awarded by the Judge Council for outstanding gameplay and mastery of the OGPC mission
Tualitin HS

Peoples’ Choice
Awarded by your fellow participants who voted for their top 3 games
Wilson JV
Wilson HS

Awarded for technical excellence in code and other control systems
Wilson HS

Game Design
Awarded for excellence in game design process and creativity
Space Crusaders
Jesuit HS

Art and Assets
Awarded for excellence in graphics, audio, and other media content
Franklin HS

Theme and Style
Awarded for excellent use of theme and narrative crafting
Apathetic Companion
Tigard HS

Awarded for excellence in presentation, teamwork, and outreach
Combustible Lemons
Hillsboro HS

Recognizing outstanding promise in a new team
Cardinal Coders
Lincoln HS