15 Years!

Construct Offer

Made possible by generous support from Scirra, OGPC will provide teams with licenses to Construct 3 for the duration of OGPC Season 14.

Construct 3 runes entirely in a web browser and works on any platform (PC, Mac, iOS, Android, ChromeOS). It produces web playable games and supports multiple levels of programming (Visual block-based programming and text-based JavaScript). For teams that do not have access to their regular development tools, or whose normal tools do not support developing web-based games, Construct hopefully provides a clear path for how to get started working online.

Getting Construct

Start by making an account with Scirra. Construct offers a free, feature-limited edition that you can use to test it out. Purchasing a license allows you to make bigger projects.

We have 300 “seats” of license upgrades for teams to make use of. Initially, these will be allocated as a shared pool. Essentially 300 students can be making use of it at a time. The current upgrade key can be found in our Team Management System. To see the key, you will have to be registered in TMS and logged in – it will appear on the homepage of TMS. If we run into capacity limits with the shared key model, we will issue different keys with a fixed number of seats to each team. In that case, each team will be guaranteed a few seats, but we cannot guarantee each team member will get their own code.

To make use of the key to upgrade your free account, make sure you are in the Construct editor and then click on the button that either says “Guest” or your username, and look for Enter access code.

Once entered, your account should continue using one of the “seats” until our key expires or someone else needs a seat and you are the person who has least recently used your seat. If your account ever says that it has been reduced to the Free Version, check to make sure there is not a new key listed in TMS and then reenter the key.

These keys are intended for team members to use for OGPC. Please do not share the key with classmates or friends to use for other purposes. That will force us to move to a fixed number of keys per team model and likely limit the number of keys your team has access to.

Learning Construct

Construct 3 has a comprehensive manual as well as a series of tutorials that teams can use to get up to speed. We recommend starting with this Beginner’s Guide. If you like leaving via YouTube, check out this Construct 3 for Beginners playlist.

If you get stuck or have a question about how to do something, we recommend the Construct community forms.

Tips For Teams

Most teams will likely want to make some kind of shared account that has the “main” copy of their project. Team members may want their own Construct accounts to test out ideas and can export copies of the “main” project to open in their own account. But merging features from different copies of a game is not well supported — it is generally much easier to test out an idea in your own account, and then simply reimplement it in the “main” account.

The “shared” account can either just be an account owned by one of the team members, or an account set up specifically as a shared resource. Accounts do need to be associated with an email address, so to set up a true shared account, you will probably want to make a temporary team email address. Talk to your coach if you need help figuring out what will work best for your team.