12 Years!


The OGPC season consists of a theme announcement in November, the work period, then the Main Event (where the judging takes place) in late Spring. During the work period, teams design and create their games however works best for them. Some teams meet after school in a school lab, while others meet at their Boys/Girls Club, 4H location, or each others’ homes. There’s no single way to run your team!

OGPC Main Event

The Main Event is the culmination of teams’ efforts — it is where they bring their games to share with others, compete for prizes, and learn from industry professionals.

Western Oregon University
Monmouth, OR
New Physical Education (NPE) Building (Directions)

Date: May 11th 2019, 10am-5pm

What to expect

The day starts with check-in and getting your table assignment and schedule (which includes judging and lunchtimes). Judging happens throughout the day with each team assigned one-time slot. During the day, there will also be sessions for students hosted by industry and educational speakers, along with opportunities to talk to WOU representatives about their programs.


8:30 – Doors open for setup
9:45 – Opening ceremony
10:00 – Judging begins!
Noon to 1:00 – Lunch
3:30 – Begin packing up
4:00 – Awards ceremony
5:00 – Time to head out!


At each year’s event, we strive to bring excellent talks from industry and education. Past topics have included “My Journey from Student to Game Designer”, “I’m a Software Engineer: Ask Me Anything”, “Women in STEM Fields,” and “Audio Production Tips and Tricks.”

Interested in volunteering?

We can’t run our events without the help of many talented volunteers, including judges, speakers, and general helpers.  If you are interested in learning more about how you can help, visit our Volunteer info page.

Team Registration

Registration for the 2018-2019 season main event will run from April 20 – May 4.  Coaches will register their teams directly through TMS.

Event setup

Teams at the event will be assigned a booth (a 6′ table) to set up their game and show off their team. Your table is like a conference booth — bring banners, signs, props, and other things to make a great presence for your team and its entry. Teams must bring everything that they need including a table cover. At least one power outlet is provided so bring a power strip and limit your devices as much as possible. Students can set up their laptops, poster boards, and other items in their space. Teams won’t be along walls, so bring tape if you want to attach a sign to your table. Make sure you arrive early enough to get setup properly!

At the beginning of the day, teams gather in the presentation area for the main introduction and speech about the event. Any last-minute things to know will be discussed. Throughout the day, judges will be visiting the teams to discuss their work. This is where the team members can make their presentations and discuss how they worked together. They should be ready to talk about their contributions and what makes their game special. Criteria for judging is contained in the Achievements document. After all of the judging is complete, it takes some time to put it all together and make the final decisions. During this time, all students will gather in the presentation area again for a talk about game development, and usually some fun activities until the results are ready! The awards presentation is the final part of the day. Once it’s over, it’s time to head out. Take a well-deserved break until next year!

What to Bring

Teams need to make sure they bring:

  • Their game and hardware to run it on. If your game involves networked multi-player, we highly recommend bringing your own wired network. No private wireless networks are allowed as they interfere with the event WiFi.
  • A power strip. Each team will have access to 1 plug at/near their table. Unless you can run all your devices off one plug, bring a power strip.
  • Food. There are nearby restaurants, but teams will likely not have enough time to leave the event to go get food. Unless you have extra parents you can send on a food run, pack lunches and snacks.
  • Signed release forms. Every team member must have a release/consent form signed by their parent/guardian.

Open to the public!

While some kids just spend their free time playing video games, others are making them! The Oregon Game Project Challenge (OGPC) promotes STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Design, and Mathematics) through video game development.

OGPC is a yearly computer game development competition that promotes the entire STEAM spectrum. Middle/high school students form teams of coders, animators, artists, musicians, writers, etc. to compete for awards in various categories while learning valuable skills. It bridges the disciplines in a way that most academic courses do not and encourages students with different talents to work together.

For 2018-2019, the twelfth annual event, the theme is Scarcity. Come see how students interpret the theme and what our many teams from across Oregon and Washington have created.

The Oregon Game Project Challenge Main Event is free to attend and open to the public. No need to register or get tickets to attend.

OGPC Game Jam and Season Kickoff

Game Jams are a fun way to kick off the season with your team on the day the theme is announced. It is a chance to play some games that will help sharpen your game design skills, and get excited about this year’s theme.

When and where?

Teams can host their own Game Jam at any time after the theme is announced, but joining a Game Jam on announcement day with other teams helps to build excitement for the OGPC season.

Locations in Portland, Salem and Bend are opening their doors to other teams to come celebrate the start of the 2018-19 season. See here for details!