15 Years!

Kick-Off 2019

Are you new to OGPC and want to learn more about how it works? Are you a returning veteran eager to learn about this year’s theme? Veteran, new, or somewhere in between, OGPC wants to support your efforts to develop a game project to bring to this season’s Main Event in May of 2020.  Our Kick-Off, in November, is a great way to start off season 13 of OGPC!  Getting together with any interested students helps your potential team members start forming teams.  Having a Coach is important, deciding where to meet and when, brainstorming ideas around the theme, and starting the process of development is always fun and exciting!  Computers aren’t required for this first meeting, and even talking and playing board/card games can help  develop and sharpen your game design skills.

Coaches, be sure you are registered with the Coach E-mail group from OGPC!  Updates, information, your questions and support all come from the OGPC Coach E-mail group.  Watch for a new coaching video coming, too!  OGPC wants you to understand how OGPC works, to network with other coaches and get your team(s) fired up for the 2019-20 OGPC season!

When and where?

The 2019-20 season starts on November 16th, at a location of your choosing.  OGPC has gone online with all the new season’s information, so whenever and wherever it best to meet for your potential team members, OGPC is there for you.  The new annual theme will be available, with a short video to introduce it, and the competition documents.  Whether you decide to meet on Saturday, November 16th, or at a later date when everyone is available, it can be exciting to learn what the theme is and start the brainstorming for ideas about backstories, character development and appearances, the world they live in, and what happens!  No computers are required, and using a “no bad ideas” brainstorming approach can make original and unique projects more possible.

Registration is Open

No registration is required for the Kick-Off, but making sure Coaches are added to the Coaches E-mail group of OGPC IS important!  Have them communicate with OGPC to get them included.  The easiest way to communicate this, and any other questions, is to email info@ogpc.info .

Registration for the OGPC Main Event, in May, will be required for all teams, but the Coach will do this for their teams through TMS.  Registration for the Main Event will open sometime after the Winter Break, and Coaches will receive an email to let them know when they can register.

What is Included in the Kick-Off

The Kick-Off will include the following information:

The Theme for the year (points are awarded if evident in a game project)
Competition Manual (details of the theme and rules of competition)
Achievement Guide (what the judges will be looking for)
Achievement Sheets (quick reference listing the various achievements)
Theme Video (short video introducing some ideas for the theme)
But there is a ton of resources on the OGPC website to help get started, too!  Checkout the videos created by prior winning competitors, who share their insights and skills in everything from coding to 3-D graphics to music and sound.

What do I need to bring?

Nothing! A suggested Kick-Off event is not about programming or using tools. You will not need a computer or learn anything related to programming. Game design and software development professionals often use “low-fidelity” techniques in the early stages to test and explore ideas before translating into a computer program, and that’s exactly what you’ll be doing at an OGPC Kick-Off event.

What if I’m not part of a team or I’m the only one who can come?

Because the Kick-Off event it locally scheduled, talk to a Coach or others who are interested in teaming up for a game project, and decide when is best to meet for your location!  And if team members still cannot come, no big deal!  Catch them up and have more brainstorming and planning sessions afterwards, before breaking out and starting on working in specific areas.  You may find that there are people you just don’t know yet who are interested in game design and development!  Ask around – talk to people, ask teachers, and look for different talents!  Just keep planning simple to begin with; you can always add more levels, other assets, or more technical aspects after you have a good plan and begin working on the first version.

Have Questions?

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