15 Years!

OGPC Main Event

The Main Event, Saturday, April 8th
Keizer Community Center


Registration is $50/team. Food is sold on-site, but it is usually easier to make your own arrangements to bring food, pick it up, or have it delivered. There will be scheduled lunch times.

You must register prior to the event to be guaranteed a spot in the competition!  The event is on April 23rd, and the registration deadline is April 18th.
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More Information

The Main Event is where teams can finally show off their games! Bring everything you need to setup your presentation and computer hardware. Teams can check-in and begin setup starting at 8:00am.  At 9:15 there is a welcome presentation for about 15 minutes. Judging begins at 9:30!

Awards at the Main Event

What to expect

First time? Get ready for a fun day! The day starts with all of the coaches registering their teams and getting their table assignment and schedule (which includes judging and lunch times). Your table is like a conference booth — bring banners, signs, props, and other things to make a great presence for your team and its entry. Teams must bring everything that they need. At least one power outlet is provided so bring a power strip and limit your devices as much as possible.  Students can set up their laptops, poster boards, and other items in their space. You can’t count on having a wall, so bring tape if you want to attach a sign to your table.

Booth example

At the beginning of the day, teams gather in the presentation area for the main introduction and speech about the event. Any last-minute things to know will be discussed. Throughout the day, judges will be visiting the teams to discuss their work. This is where the team members can make their presentations and discuss how they worked together. They should be ready to talk about their contributions and what makes their game special. Criteria for judging is contained in the Achievements document. After all of the judging is complete, it takes some time to put it all together and make the final decisions. During this time, all students will gather in the presentation area again for a talk about game development, and usually some fun activities until the results are ready! The awards presentation is the final part of the day. Once it’s over, it’s time to head out. Take a well-deserved break until next year!