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T-Shirt Contest 2019

The Oregon Game Project Challenge is a competition for middle- and high-school students to create computer games.  Each year hundreds of students bring their entries to a showcase event for judging and trophies. As part of the event, all participants get a T-shirt.  Keep reading to learn how your art design could be on the front of that shirt!

Design Rules in Brief

  1. Must use “OGPC” or “Oregon Game Project Challenge”
  2. Must use some form of “version 12.0” (v12, v12.0, 12, etc.)
  3. Must reflect this year’s theme of Scarcity
  4. Palette is blue, white, and black (details on contest page).  Shirt color is shamrock green.
  5. Submission must be vector format or 300dpi+ bitmap (PNG, JPG, AI, SVG)
  6. All entries must be original, never-published creations of the entrant, and not contain profanity, trademarks, logos, or copyrighted works.
  7. The winning design will remain the property of OGPC who may use the winning design in perpetuity. The winner may display their own design, but may not sell or reproduce it for any other purpose.
  8. We reserve the right to pick one entry, more than one entry, or no entries.

T-shirt Design: OGPC Theme and Logo!

There are three elements to a winning design: the OGPC or “Oregon Game Project Challenge” name, an indication of the 12th season (version 12.0), and a representation of the season’s theme, Scarcity.  These elements must all look good when scaled to fit an 8″x11″ region on the front of the shirt.  Your design should be based on the theme, not a single team’s game. A clear design without clarification or explanation is needed.

Submission Process

Submissions are required to be in electronic form and consist of the design file and the entry form.  Deadline is April 13th.  No late entries will be accepted.

Prepped and Ready (Tips for print production)

To be sure your design is ready for printing make sure you have considered:

  • Clear and clean lines and correct line weight.
  • Note that any stray marks, spots, or smudges will be printed
  • Make sure it looks good printed at 8 x 11-inch (test on paper)

Most professionals use Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.  You can download free time-limited trial versions. You can also choose to use free software like Inkscape or Paint.net.


OGPC logo and color palette: ogpc-branding

2018-2019 theme information: “Scarcity” theme

Article: Tips to Design an Amazing T-shirt

Shirt color: Shamrock Green

Submit your Design:

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