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OGPC is a video game development competition for middle school and high school students that encourages teamwork while having loads of fun. Each year, OGPC announces a new theme, such as “Urban Planning”, “Internal Obstacles” and “Disaster Recovery.” Teams design the game rules and goals, write stories and characters, create visual art, record sound effects and music, and write computer code to make it all work. Then, at the main event, they present their work to professional judges and each other.

Game creation through OGPC encompasses the entire STEAM focus (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Design, and Mathematics) in one unified program. It bridges the disciplines in a way that most academic courses do not and encourages students with different talents to work together.

Students in auditorium for awards presentation
Group photo of students with logo
Students brainstorming and playing concept game at Game Jam

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Teams are encouraged to create their own assets and code, however we know that not all teams will have the ability to do this. In the event that teams are unable to create all of their assets, there are many websites which host tutorials, free assets, and personalized question answering services which can prove very useful.

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