15 Years!

Main event details

Who wants an Xbox One? Keep reading!


OGPC is better than ever this year! Read on for details…

No more pods!
Instead of pods in classrooms, this year we’re going to an open layout. All teams will set up a booth similar to what you would see at conferences and science fairs. You’ll get a table and one outlet (be sure to bring a power strip!). Bring a tablecloth or other covering, posters, banners, brochures, or giveaways to make your table unique and awesome. Bring a laptop/desktop to show off your game and get ready to share what you’ve made! All teams will be in the same area so you’ll be able to take turns looking around and voting for the Peoples’ Choice award.

Booth example

Presentations throughout the day
Instead of speakers coming to the classrooms, this year we’ll have a room for presentations. Each hour will have a different speaker with a different topic. Come to the ones that sound the most interesting and be sure to bring your questions! Get ready to hear from people in the gaming and creative industry to learn how things work.

TMS (Team Management System)
Make sure you have your entry and all of your team members registered. You can keep your entry private while you’re working (until the event) if you’d like! Attending team members that are registered in TMS will be entered in a drawing for a shiny new Xbox One this year! For maximum achievement points, make sure that your team and game logos, your game team group photo, and your game gallery all have photos uploaded. Sign up here.

Prize Drawings
In addition to the Xbox One, we’ll be holding drawings for some games and other hardware courtesy of Microsoft and TEALS K-12. Only attendees can win, so make sure you and your team are there!

We’re trying a new resource for the main event this year – EventBoard. This is a web/mobile event management app that lets you stay up to date and plan your day. See the schedule, speaking sessions, information about our speakers, and anything else you need to be ready for the big day. Download the app for Android, iOS, or Windows here!

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