15 Years!

Gaming for Social Good Event in Portland

OGPC volunteers Chris Brooks and Jason Galbraith will be on a panel for the Gaming for Social Good event in Portland on Thursday, June 21, 6pm-9pm. More info:

As the use of video games becomes more pervasive—think Angry Birds to Farmville to Wii Fitness—it becomes useful to consider their wider impact on our lives. Are they merely useful for entertainment, or can games help create change through creativity, imagination and play? Can games be valuable for mission-based groups like non-profits, NGOs and community organizations? How can game development connect students to real-world problems?

We’ll kick off the evening with a panel discussion including speakers at the intersection of gaming and game development for education, non-profit enablement and youth outreach. Our panelists will explore how gaming and the creation of games can positively impact our local communities and wider world mission-based efforts. Following audience Q&A, everyone is welcome to continue the discussion over networking, food and soft drinks.