15 Years!

Join the OGPC Adventure!

Join OGPC in exploring new territory in 2012! This year we’re introducing the OGPC Adventure!, transforming the judging process into a game that teams will start playing the moment they decide to attend the OGPC Main Event on April 28, 2012. The OGPC Adventure! adds a lot to the OGPC experience — industry professionals acting as Quest Givers and Trail Guides, Team Achievements, opportunities for team interaction, file hosting for final projects, and even more recognition of the hard work that goes into successfully making a game.

OGPC Game Jams

OGPC is excited to announce a series of new events—the OGPC Game Jams! These one-day events provide teams of high-school and middle-school students an opportunity to create a design document and paper prototype of a videogame based on the OGPC annual theme. Working with industry mentors, students will learn the basics of team communication, translating abstract ideas into concrete plans, rapid paper-prototyping of their designs, pitching their projects, and professional networking.

Teams are welcome — but not required — to build on this experience, going on to create their game for the OGPC Main Event. Attendance of a Game Jam is not mandatory for teams planning on attending the Main Event, but there will be limited-edition OGPC Adventure! Achievements available at the Game Jams!

There are two Game Jams scheduled for 2012:

  • Portland – Portland State University, March 10 2012
  • Eugene – University of Oregon, March 17 2012

Registration for the Game Jams will open on January 3, 2012.