15 Years!

OGPC 2013 Theme Announcement

We are changing our approach to game theme for OGPC 6.0 in 2013. This season the theme is more philosophy and guide rather than a specific topic. The computer game that you create can be anything that has a goal of having positive impact on the world around you. In other words: games for social good. Your game should help create change through education, simulation, creativity, imagination or play to achieve positive impact on players and the broader world around them. Your creation can be a game or simulation, as long as your chosen goal is integral to the game play or activity.

Your challenge is to create a game or simulation that is both engaging and immersive for your audience, while at the same time motivating action and change for social good. Many succeed at one or the other of these, but few do both well.

Here are some questions you might ask to help discover and explore possible theme ideas:

  • In your immediate community what do you see as the most pressing need?
  • Is there something that you and your friends or family talk about a lot that you don’t know how to solve?
  • Do you think there are other people in the world have similar problems?
  • Could you design a game or simulation to help explore solutions to this problem?
  • Is there a charity or cause that you are involved with today that could be helped or explored with a game or simulation?

Here are some places to explore as you start the design process: