15 Years!

OGPC 6 Public Achievements Posted

We just posted the the public achievement list for OGPC 6.0. These are the achievements we want all teams to know about. What we aren’t telling teams are what the hidden achievements are or the point values for each of these public achievements. Think about how you might show evidence of these achievements to judges during the main event — you may want to consider bringing printouts or other physical evidence to help make your case. A design journal kept by the team would be a great way to support the team’s cause.

Let’s talk about what the OGPC Main Event will be like on May 4:

  • Teams will setup in a designated pod where they will be joined by two or more other teams at the same level. The judges and panelists will come to the pod.
  • Participants will be encouraged to roam around to visit other pods, but will have certain times when they must stay present to monitor their game station.
  • During the pod’s designated lunch time the room will be shut down and monitored.
  • Teams are encouraged to provide a display similar to what you might find at a science fair, with the caution that we cannot guarantee that the team will have a clutter free table to setup an elaborate display. Be prepared to be flexible.
  • All demonstrations and presentations by the teams will be from their own equipment. This will probably be a laptop, but teams can bring a desktop if they prefer.

We will publish a sample team schedule in a week or two. Please email us at ogpc@techstart.org if you have any questions.