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What makes a hero?

updated 12/5/2014

Heroes share many characteristics, but no two are the same. Some heroes have superpowers – but not Katniss. Some heroes embrace their destiny – but not Frodo. Some heroes are selfless – but not Iron Man. What makes Robin Hood a hero, for example? Can heroes do bad things, like stealing?

People in real life are often called heroes because of some especially courageous act. But what about teachers or firefighters? Are they heroes every day, or just doing their job?

Think about who your heroes are, and what makes them special. What calls a person to act heroic, or take a job that requires heroism on a daily basis? Is it part of human nature or is there some other force that drives them? How do you define “hero”? How does someone become a hero?

Fighting heroes are cool, but many games are about fighting heroes already. Heroes who create things are often lesser-known, but their impact on the world can be just as great, if not more. Consider games like Minecraft, where there is some combat, but construction and creation play a more important role.

Make a game where the player explores what makes a hero. Your game must not have violence against people.

You have the power to build a great game – but with great power comes great responsibility…

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