15 Years!

Redefining the Restriction: A Heroic Change

After taking into account feedback we’ve received from several coaches and participants, we’ve decided that we made too big of a change with the new restriction structure. This was never intended to cause such frustration and we hope that we’ve found a better balance now.

Certainly the Heroism theme is the most important part of the game. Since the controls themselves aren’t directly related to the style or story of the game, we are changing them to an achievement. Just like art, design, or technical implementation, the creative use of controls will carry points toward achievements which can lead to awards.

You are free to choose the achievements that resonate best with you in order to build points toward the awards. Students who have already decided to work within the original restriction should feel free to continue down this path in order to get the achievement points, but they can also switch gears and work toward other achievements instead.

A preview list of achievements will be released soon. We are working hard to have the full list of achievements along with points values available at the Game Jam (January 31). Hopefully your brainstorming, concepting, and prototyping will continue with full force until the event! We will be posting ongoing information about how to plan and actually create a game (project management for kids!). We will also be providing as many resources as possible to help teams understand the process of game development and we hope it will make the process smoother.

Please understand that our first priority is to encourage kids to explore their own creativity through making games. This new structure should encourage creative approaches and problem-solving without being so frustrating for others. We are confident that these changes will make the process more fun for everyone!