15 Years!

Registration and event info

We’re down to the final month! Hopefully your games are playable and you are just working on final polish now. Replace any placeholder art, add your main menu, about screen, credits, and any other details. Plan your box art, your game logo and descriptions, and add them to your TMS entry.

Think of how your booth/table will look. Plan for posters, figures, pamphlets, banners, and anything else to make your booth look great! You should plan on a digital picture frame to show a slideshow of stills, or enlargements of your game art. Make sure that you have a laptop to show off the game even if you need to continue working on something else. Your game should always be ready to play!

Remember that this year teams that register after the deadline of April 13th cannot be guaranteed a spot in the judging. Unlike other years, we have a hard limit on tables. If you wait until the last minute, you might end up in our exhibition area outside of the competition. Register as soon as you are able!

Finally, our friends at Mythos Youth Council are holding a free event on April 2nd with a number of STEAM activities to participate in:

Make+Think+Code Mythos Challenge Jam