15 Years!

Theme Adjustment

It’s clear that we overlooked some issues with the control requirements. To address this, we’re clarifying the third option to address these concerns by allowing other input devices and preventing all devices from exceeding the capabilities of a mouse.

The reason for this change is that we want to allow teams to make games for any type of input device, but we don’t want to give an unfair advantage over teams without access to such devices.

With that in mind, option 3 is being changed to the following:

Option 3: A touchscreen, motion controller, accelerometer, or any other input device may be used as long as the game could be played the same way with mouse movement and one button.

  • For example, multitouch is disallowed, since you can’t do that with a mouse
  • It is recommended to add mouse support to the game as an alternative, if possible
  • Devices like the Wiimote, Oculus Rift, and Kinect all provide more than two dimensions of
    movement. Additional dimensions (such as head tilt) can affect cosmetic things like camera rotation, but not gameplay.
  • Be creative. There are many other types of inputs you can use that may not immediately come to mind when you think of gaming hardware.