15 Years!

Tools of the Trade: Unity3d

Guest post from Max Maroe, OGPC Game Jam Mentor

Thank you very much for having me as a Mentor at the OGPC kickoff in Redmond, OR! I really enjoyed my time there and the student project ideas were incredibly creative and fun! I was blown away by the teamwork and how well everyone interacted, both within their groups and between groups during the “elevator pitch” presentations!

I take game development very seriously and I believe if there’s ever been a time to learn how to make games, it’s now. The tools available are getting so amazing, and a lot of these tools are either cheap or free for use. One of my favorite tool sets is Unity3d, which individuals can get a license for to develop for the PC, Mac, and Web deployment targets for FREE! I like the tools so much I started a web-based video tutorial series called Cooking With Unity where I go over how to create many different types of games using Unity3d. The show focuses mostly on scripting/game design and less on art due to my personal expertise, but it does show a lot of tricks and secrets of the trade. The first few episodes are a little rough, so keep in mind it does get a LOT better. Instead of doing them in order I suggest picking a set of episodes that are about the type of game YOU want to make to start; though if you don’t have a particular preference there’s nothing wrong with starting at the beginning.

You can email me at PushyPixels@PushyPixels.com with any questions you have, either about my show or about game development in general!