OGPC Main Event

Welcome to OGPC Main Event!

Chemeketa Map: PDF Map of Chemeketa Community College

Park in Purple or Brown lot at back of campus. Check in at Building 6.

Main Event registration closed

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2015 Achievements list

Read through the Achievements list to get a handle on the judging:
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Game Jam documents online

The Game Jam worksheet that you can use at home or with your teammates:
Game Jam documents

Welcome to OGPC 8.0!

In its eighth year, the Oregon Game Project Challenge (OGPC) is the only state-wide game programming competition in Oregon! OGPC introduces middle and high school students to computer programming basics while educating them in science and current events. read more

This year’s theme is “What Makes a Hero?”

Think about who your heroes are, and what makes them special. What calls a person to act heroic, or take a job that requires heroism on a daily basis? Is it part of human nature or is there some other force that drives them? How do you define “hero?” How does someone become a hero?

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12/21/2014 update: Clarification to game violence
12/11/2014 update: Changes to the restriction

Tools of the Trade
Create your game the way you like using Scratch, GameMaker, Unity, Inform, Stencyl, Inkscape, Unreal, any other tool, or your own custom code!

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