Stay tuned for the 2016 season!

OGPC 9.0 season planning is underway! Parents, sign up for email updates for yourselves and your middle/high school students. Be the first to know what’s going on!

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We need your help!

The Oregon Game Project Challenge is a completely non-profit organization lead by unpaid volunteers from various educational and industry areas. We rely on donations and volunteers to make our events possible. OGPC is nothing without the support of dedicated coaches like all of you, but even with the best coaches and teams, we still need money to fund event facilities, awards, and the handouts and t-shirts that teams have come to expect.

As we seek out state grants and corporate sponsorships, we would also love to know about any potential opportunities you might see in your communities to support our efforts. If you have any contacts, please send them our way using the email address. Your help can contribute to OGPC’s continuing existence and the ability to get even better!

2015 Awards!

The OGPC 8.0 Main Event is over and what a time it’s been! Thanks so much to everyone who participated. We will post some pictures soon. Be sure to check our Flickr photo group which is linked in the upper-right of our site.

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Tools of the Trade
Create your game the way you like using Scratch, GameMaker, Unity, Inform, Stencyl, Inkscape, Unreal, any other tool, or your own custom code!