Kickoff Guide

A kickoff party is a great way to get the season started. Here are some suggested activities for starting an OGPC season. Take some of these ideas, optionally add pizza, and you have yourself a kickoff party!

  • Watch the What is OGPC video and check out projects from last year’s competition to introduce new participants to the competition.
  • Play some Gamestorming
  • Deconstruct a game. This game analysis activity guide can help your group figure out what makes a game tick.
  • The first four videos in this Extra Credits playlist should be considered mandatory viewing for OGPC teams. Watch one or more of them!
  • Explore the resources on our [Resources Page]/resources.html
  • If you already have a team formed, set up a profile in the Team Management System (TMS)
  • Check out the season documents. Make sure to review the competition manual for new rules.
  • Generate ideas for this year’s competition. But don’t assume you need to come up with a final plan right away. Keep an open mind and try some ideas out before locking in on any one game design.