Season 15 (2021-2022) - Symbiosis

In modern biology, Symbiosis is a term that describes many kinds of relationships between organisms- some mutually beneficial and others that only benefit one party. For the purposes of this challenge, we want to focus on the type of relationship known as Mutualism - where both parties of the relationship benefit.

Think about how you can explore the cooperation of unlike individuals in a game. Strive to make the player experience this cooperation in meaningful ways. Can you tell a story involving symbiosis? Can you craft gameplay where the player must make use of symbiosis to accomplish goals? How can your art and sound reinforce the idea of different things working together for common gain?

Documents For Season 15

Check out these for all the details on this year’s theme and achievements and how the competition works:

  • Quick facts about this season of OGPC. Appropriate for sharing parents, potential team members, etc… Participants and coaches should make sure to read the full competition manual.
  • The competition manual for the season. This has the full theme description as well as rules and guidelines for the competition.
  • The coaching guide with helpful tips for coaches new and old.
  • Achievements guide. These are specific things judges will be looking for when scoring your project.

A Return to Western Oregon University!

Due to the pandemic, the last two seasons of OGPC have been judged virtually. This year, we return to an in-person format at Western Oregon University for the Main Event on May 14th. Please see the competition manual for details on COVID-related precautions and anticipated requirements for attending the event.