Season 13 (2019-2020) - Diverse

There are billions of people around the world - none of them with the same fingerprint. There are approximately 8.7 million species of plants and animals on this world - each thriving in their own habitat in an interconnected system. When a software engineer is building a system they may turn to assembly, C++, Java, JavaScript, Perl, Python, Rust, Erlang, Haskell or one of the countless other programming languages each designed to solve problems a different way.

If every part in your car was the same, the engine wouldn’t run. When everybody in a team has the same background and thinks the same way, issues go unnoticed and creative solutions to problems are harder to find. A system in which individual elements have variations will allow for more interesting interactions and powerful combinations than one in which every element is the same.

Season Showcase

Unfortunately, this season of OGPC will not end with the traditional Main Event due to COIVD. Instead, we have a virtual Showcase where teams can show off their work. To participate, teams should submit two videos of 5 minutes or less (each):

  • Trailer This video should start with an elevator pitch for your game. Sell it to the audience in 90 seconds or less. Then show off how the game works – make sure to show off your coolest mechanics and scenes. Unless your entire game can be played in 5 minutes, you will need to use cheat codes to skip around or splice together clips of different parts of the game.

  • Making Of This video should focus on how you made the game. Describe what you are most proud of and what challenges you encountered. Make sure to focus on any of the areas (Programming, Game Design, Art and Assets, Theme and Story, and Management) you think your team particularly excelled in. Don’t read off the achievement list, but do make sure to share the most impressive things you did while working on them.

Congratulations to every team that submitted a project! It took a lot of determination to see your project through during the COIVD pandemic. The OGPC judges are working through the submissions and will be recognizing projects and providing feedback.

Season Documents

Details on the theme and competition:


Due to space constraints we expect to face for the main event, we are changing some policies this year. These moves are designed to accommodate as many teams as possible on a level playing field. These policies will be new for Season 13:

  • Main Event registration will open with the season. You can and should pay and reserve your spot at the main event right away. Until a team registers for the main event, they are not guaranteed a spot in it.
  • All games must fit on the provided table and be playable by someone standing/sitting in front of it. No room-scale VR, no setting up large structures, no roping off an area or claiming some other part of the gym, etc…
  • Schools/groups bringing three or more teams have a minimum team size of three students.