Season 14 (2020-2021) - Resilience

We are all constantly challenged with setbacks both small and large. Resilience is overcoming these challenges and staying focused on our goals. It is bouncing back from failure and recovering when things go wrong. Resilience and the need to be resilient can be found in all aspects of life. Scientists, athletes, authors, business people, and political & military leaders all have been quoted as extolling the virtues of resiliency.

Research and understand what makes a system or person resilient. Can resilience be found without failure or adversity? How can a person learn to be resilient? Then decide how to express that in your game.

Season Documents

Details on the theme and competition:

  • The competition manual for the season. This has the full theme description as well as rules and guidelines for the competition.
  • The coaching guide with helpful tips for coaches new and old.
  • Achievements guide. These are specific things judges will be looking for when scoring your project.


Due to the massive uncertainty around what next May will look like, we are making some adjustments to how OGPC runs for the 2020-2021 season. Below are the highlights, see the Competition Manual for full details.


All judging will place online on May 15th. We are planning to do synchronous judging sessions where teams interact with judges online to show off their projects and answer questions.


To accommodate online judging, all games must be playable on the web. Teams will have to provide a link to a webpage where judges (and other teams) can play the game in a web browser. See the Season 14 Competition Manual for details.


Made possible by generous support from Scirra, OGPC will provide teams with licenses to Construct 3 for the duration of OGPC Season 14.

Construct 3 runes entirely in a web browser and works on any platform (PC, Mac, iOS, Android, ChromeOS). It produces web playable games and supports multiple levels of programming (Visual block-based programming and text-based JavaScript). For teams that do not have access to their regular development tools, or whose normal tools do not support developing web-based games, Construct hopefully provides a clear path for how to get started working online.

Teams do NOT have to use Construct. If your team members have access to tools they are already familiar with and those tools are capable of making a web playable game, you are welcome to use those.