Season 12 (2018-2019) - Scarcity

There are millions of people around the world that lack things many of us take for granted. In some countries, the lack of clean water is a daily threat to health. In other places a shortage of jobs means no money for food and other essentials. A lack of affordable living space leads to long commutes and homelessness. Absence of a social network can impact mental health. Every natural resource that people and societies depend on – from oil to lumber to rare elements is available in limited quantities and in limited areas. What things are in short supply in your own life and of people you know? What stories have you heard in the news about conflicts or suffering due to a lack of something? Everything we do in life potentially impacts others, because everyone is lacking something.

Season Documents

Details on the theme and competition:


Due to space constraints we expect to face for the main event, we are changing some policies this year. These moves are designed to accommodate as many teams as possible on a level playing field. These policies will be new for Season 13:

  • Main Event registration will open with the season. You can and should pay and reserve your spot at the main event right away. Until a team registers for the main event, they are not guaranteed a spot in it.
  • All games must fit on the provided table and be playable by someone standing/sitting in front of it. No room-scale VR, no setting up large structures, no roping off an area or claiming some other part of the gym, etc…
  • Schools/groups bringing three or more teams have a minimum team size of three students.